All-Natural Maraschino Cherries

All-Natural Maraschino Cherries

All-Natural Maraschino Cherries

SIZE: 14 oz
SIZE: 6-pack
Premium cherries grown in the lush valleys and mountains of the American Pacific Northwest. Top off your sundae or cocktail without all those artificial colors and flavors with Tillen Farms maraschino cherries. The color of these all-natural maraschino cherries is more muted than the traditional atomic-red ones. While being vegan, kosher, Feingold Stage 2 approved, and gluten-free, their texture and flavor are right on. These maraschino cherries with stems taste great.
Ingredients: Cherries, water, sugar, vegetable and fruit concentrate (color), natural flavor.

Allergen Information:
Additional information from the manufacturer: Made in a nut-free facility. Does not contain any corn or corn derrived ingredients. Contains none of the eight most common allergens.

Misc. info: Color is from radish and black carrot. Natural flavor is lemon concentrate. Sugar is cane sugar.

Gluten-free info: Label states "Gluten Free"

Vegetarian info: Sugar is confirmed vegan.

Kosher certification: KOF-K parve

Feingold info: Feingold Accepted - Stage 2

Made in:USA
Each jar contains 14 oz. Each 6-pack contains 6-14 oz jars.
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