Jelly Beans Variety Pack

Jelly Beans Variety Pack

Jelly Beans Variety Pack

SIZE: 3-pack
Get 3 different types of natural jelly beans in one convenient set! Grab these jelly beans mini variety packs as a sweet gift to a friend—or try them all for yourself! The pack includes:

  • Superfruit Mix All-Natural Jelly Belly
  • Snapple All-Natural Jelly Belly
  • YumEarth Organic Sour Beans - 2.5 OZ

*Limited quantities available.

Ingredients: Superfruit Mix All-Natural Jelly Belly: Cane sugar, tapioca syrup, modified food starch, sour cherry juice from concentrate, blueberry juice from blueberry puree, pomegranate juice from concentrate, acai puree, natural flavors, acerola (barbados) cherry juice, cranberry puree, citric acid, apple (color), confectioner's glaze, beeswax, grape skin extract (color), carrot (color), carnauba wax, black currant (color), hibiscus (color), color added.

Snapple All-Natural Jelly Belly: Sugar, corn syrup, modified food starch, contains 2% or less of the following: cranberry puree, raspberry puree, grape juice concentrate, mango juice concentrate, strawberry juice concentrate, kiwi juice concentrate, lemon puree, cherry juice concentrate, cranberry juice concentrate, natural flavors, citric acid, color added, grape concentrate (color), tumeric (color), apple (color), hibiscus (color), black currant (color), carrot (color), confectioner's glaze, beeswax, carnauba wax.

YumEarth Organic Sour Beans - 2.5 OZ: Organic cane sugar, organic rice syrup, lactic acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid, pectin, organic corn starch, natural flavors, colored with organic concentrate (carrot, pumpkin, apple, blackcurrant and radish), organic sunflower oil, organic carnauba wax.

Allergen Information: CONTAINS: CORN
Additional information from the manufacturer: For specific allergen information, visit individual product pages (linked in Ingredients).

Misc. info: Sour Beans: Non-GMO Project Verified.
Snapple & Superfruit Jelly Beans: Manufacturer claims this product is non-GMO.

Gluten-free info: All items labeled Gluten-Free. For specific information, visit individual product pages (linked in Ingredients).

Vegetarian info: Snapple and Superfruit Jelly Beans are vegetarian, but not vegan because they contain be

Kosher certification: Snapple and Superfruit certified OU. Sour Beans are not Kosher.

Made in:USA

Read the Ingredients Disclaimer.
The set contains 3 bags of jelly beans.
See each item for size and dimensions.
Not currently available.

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