You're SWEET! Bundle

You're SWEET! Bundle
You're SWEET Bundle
You're SWEET Bundle

You're SWEET! Bundle

SIZE: 1 bundle


There's no better way to say "You're SWEET!" than with 100% natural candy! This adorable pink-themed bundle has been carefully curated to include five different types of our favorite mouthwatering, all-natural candies, thoughtfully assembled on a bed of pretty pink crinkle cut Eco Grass®*. All of this delicious candy is made without gluten ingredients and is vegetarian. Plus, the chocolate is Fair Trade Certified. This cute bundle makes a great gift for celebrating accomplishments, holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. It also works as a fun table-topper for parties!*Eco Grass® is sustainably made from 100% post-recycled paper, was colored using all-natural dyes, and is 100% recyclable after use.

May melt at temps 75° + ! Read Warm Weather Shipping info.

Ingredients: Watermelon Heart Lollipop: Cane sugar, tapioca syrup, watermelon flavoring, fruit & vegetable color, citric acid.
GoOrganic Hard Candy Assorted Fruit: Organic cane sugar, organic brown rice syrup, citric acid, natural flavors (cherry, strawberry, pomegranate), organic fruit and vegetable juice for color).
YumEarth Organic Tropical Fruit Snacks - Snack Size: Organic rice syrup, organic cane sugar, pectin, citric acid, ascorbic acid, natural flavors, organic color from concentrate (apple, carrot, pumpkin, blackcurrant), organic sunflower oil, organic carnauba wax.
Lake Champlain Organic Assorted Chocolate Hearts: *Dark and *milk chocolate (*sugar, *chocolate liquor, *cocoa butter, *cocoa powder (processed with alkali), *milk powder, *vanilla powder, and *vanilla extract). *Organic.
Bubblegum Flavor Glee Gum: Cane sugar, gum base (chicle, calcium carbonate, candelilla wax, citric acid), brown rice syrup, natural flavors, gum arabic, radish, lemon, blackcurrant (for color), carnauba wax.

Allergen Information: CONTAINS: MILK
Additional information from the manufacturer: Please see individual product pages for specific allergen information.

Misc. info: CORN: •GoOrganic Hard Candy Assorted Fruit is Strict Corn-Free.
•All other items contain corn and/or corn-derived ingredients. Products may also be processed on shared equipment with items that contain corn or corn-derived ingredients.
NON-GMO: All items are confirmed Non-GMO, except the Watermelon Heart Lollipop.
OTHER: Lake Champlain only uses Fair Trade Certified chocolate. Lake Champlain is also a Certified B Corporation.

Gluten-free info: All included items are gluten-free.
Items that are Made without Gluten Ingredients (Cross-Contamination Possible): • YumEarth Organic Tropical Fruit Snacks
•Lake Champlain Organic Assorted Chocolate Hearts
Items that are Strict-Gluten-Free:•Watermelon Heart Lollipop
•GoOrganic Hard Candy Assorted Fruit
•Bubblegum Flavor Glee Gum

Vegetarian info: Lake Champlain Milk Chocolate Hearts are Vegetarian (Contain: MILK).
All other included items are Vegan.

Kosher certification: Items that are Certified Kosher:•GoOrganic Hard Candy Assorted Fruit (KOF-K D.E.)
•Lake Champlain Organic Assorted Chocolate Hearts (Star-D Kosher Dairy)
•Bubblegum Flavor Glee Gum (Triangle K)
Other items are not certified kosher.

Feingold info: Bubblegum Flavor Glee Gum is Feingold Accepted - Stage 2.

Organic info: Items that are USDA Certified Organic: •GoOrganic Hard Candy Assorted Fruit
•YumEarth Organic Tropical Fruit Snacks
•Lake Champlain Organic Assorted Chocolate Hearts
Items that are not organic : •Watermelon Heart Lollipop
•Bubblegum Flavor Glee Gum

Made in: YumEarth Organic Tropical Fruit Snacks are made in France.
Bubblegum Flavor Glee Gum is made in Italy.
All other items are made in the USA.

Read the Ingredients Disclaimer.
Please see individual product pages for specific size information.
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