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Caramel Candy
 Organic Caramel Sauce
 Brittany Salted Butter Caramel Lollipops
 Ooo La La Lollipops
 Bequet Classic Caramels
 Bequet Celtic Sea Salt Caramels
 Assorted Bequet Caramels
 Vanilla Cocomels * 3.5 OZ
 Sea Salt Cocomels * 3.5 OZ
 Cocomels Squares - Coconut Cream Caramel in Dark Chocolate
 Chocolate-Covered Cocomel Bites - Vanilla * 3.5 OZ
 Chocolate-Covered Cocomel Bites - Sea Salt * 3.5 OZ
 Lake Champlain Organic Eggs - Milk Chocolate Caramel
 Jokerz Candy Bar
 Twilight Candy Bar
 2Fer Candy Bar
 OCHO Organic Candy Bar - Milk Chocolate Caramel & Peanut
 Mini OCHO Organic Candy Bars - Mix
 Eli's Earth Bars - Dream Big Bar
 Eli's Earth Bars - Treasure Bar
 Eli's Earth Bars - Celebrate Bar
 Sjaak's Vegan Bites - Melk Chocolate Caramel
 Sjaak's Vegan Bites - Dark Chocolate Caramel
 Sjaak's Vegan Bites - Melk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice
 Sjaak's Vegan Nuts & Chews - Dark Chocolate * GIFT BOX
 Sjaak's Vegan Nuts & Chews - Melk Chocolate * GIFT BOX
 Eli's Earth Bars - Variety Pack
 Go Max Go Bars - Variety Pack
 Mini OCHO Organic Candy Bars - Dark Chocolate Caramel
 Mini OCHO Organic Trees - Caramel
 Lake Champlain Organic Chocolates Collection - Grand Heart
 Mini OCHO Organic Eggs - Caramel
 Sjaak's Vegan Skull Pop - White Chocolate filled with Raspberry Caramel
 Sjaak's Horsemeeple of the Apocalypse - Cinnamon Salted Caramel in Coconut Milk Chocolate (Vegan)
 Sjaak's Horsemeeple of the Apocalypse - Orange in Dark Chocolate (Vegan)
 Sjaak's Four Horsemeeples of the Apocalypse - Variety Pack (Vegan) * 4 PK
 Leaky Brains **DAMAGED** Sjaak's Vegan Skull Pop - White Chocolate filled with Raspberry Caramel
 Original Cocomels * 3.5 OZ
 Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Jubilee
 Lake Champlain Vegan Flowers - Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel
 Sjaak's Paleo Vegan Heart Bites - Coconut Chocolate Maple Sugar Caramel
 Lake Champlain Organic Eggs - Mix
 Mini OCHO Organic Candy Bars - Milk Chocolate Caramel
 Mini OCHO Organic Eggs - Mix
 Sjaak's Organic Vegan Eggs - Melk Chocolate filled with Caramel
 EGGcellent Chocolate Lover's Package
 Gluten-Free Party Mix
 Chocolate Lover's Jumbo Party Mix
 Toonie Moonie Organic Marshmallow Creme - Caramel * 7 OZ
 Mini OCHO Organic Trees - Mix