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Natural Easter Bunnies and Eggs
 Hopping Bunny Lollipop
 Pink Bunny with Beans Lollipop
 Allergy-Friendly Dark Chocolate Bashful Easter Bunny
 Lake Champlain Organic Classic Bunny - Milk
 Lake Champlain Organic Hopp'n Bunny - Dark
 Lake Champlain Organic Classic Bunny - White
 Lake Champlain Organic Baby Bunny - Milk
 Lake Champlain Organic Eggs - Milk Chocolate Caramel
 Thompson Mini Milk Chocolate Eggs
 Allergy-Friendly Dark Chocolate Lollipop - Easter Egg
 YumEarth Organic Spring Bunny Gummy Fruits - Snack Size
 Lake Champlain Organic Eggs - Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter
 Lake Champlain Organic Eggs - Mix
 Lake Champlain Organic Baby Bunny - Dark
 YumEarth Organic Spring Bunny Gummy Fruits * 4 OZ
 Allergy-Friendly Dark Chocolate EGGstravaganza Bag * 11 PC
 Allergy-Friendly Dark Chocolate BIG Sitting Bunny
 Allergy-Friendly Dark Chocolate Long Ear Bunny
 Allergy-Friendly Dark Chocolate Baby Bunny
 Natural Lollipops Pack - Spring Animals * 3 PC
 Thompson Mini Milk Chocolate Bunnies
 Thompson Mini Milk Chocolate Spring Mix
 Vermont Nut Free Chocolate Pops - Spring Variety Pack * 3 PK
 Vermont Nut Free Pop - Milk Chocolate Egg
 Jed's Organic Maple Candy - Spring * 3 PC
 Snack Pack Attack! -Sour * 40 PC
 Vermont Nut Free Pop - Dark Chocolate Egg
 Vermont Nut Free Pop - White Chocolate Egg
 Lake Champlain Organic Vegan Oat-Milk Bunny
 Allergy-Friendly Spring Garden Bunny Box * 12 PC
 Allergy-Friendly Egg & Bunny Easter Treat Box * 10 PC
 Allergy-Friendly Dark Chocolate Springtime Bunny Bag * 16 PC