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Holiday Themed Candy
 Vanilla Snowman Lollipop
 Cherry Santa Lollipop
 Grape Penguin Lollipop
 Allergy-Friendly Holiday Chocolates
 Allergy-Friendly Chocolate Snowflakes
 Lake Champlain Jolly Santa - Milk
 Lake Champlain Mini Snowman - Milk
 Lake Champlain Mini Snowman - Dark
 Sjaak's Vegan Melk Chocolate Santa filled with Gummy Bears
 Thompson Crispy Milk Chocolate Santa Faces
 Thompson Milk Chocolate Chanukah Gelt - Gold
 Thompson Milk Chocolate Chanukah Gelt - Gold * BAG
 Thompson Milk Chocolate Dreidel
 Thompson Milk Chocolate Santa - Hollow
 Thompson Mini Milk Chocolate Santas
 Thompson Mini Milk Chocolate Snowmen
 Thompson Mini Milk Chocolate Nutcrackers
 Allergy-Friendly Chocolate Lollipop - Santa
 Allergy-Friendly Holiday Chocolate Bar
 Theo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar - Peppermint Crunch
 Theo Organic Dark Chocolate Bar - Nutcracker Brittle
 Sjaak's Vegan Snowballs - White Chocolate, Almond Butter & Coconut
 Lake Champlain Organic Stocking Stuffer Squares - Milk & Dark
 Lake Champlain Organic Holiday Truffles
 Sjaak's Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffles Assortment
 Hammond's Organic Mint Pillows
 Hammond's Organic Mini Mint Ribbons
 Holiday Natural Food Color Set
 Thompson Milk Chocolate Santa - Solid
 Sjaak's Vegan Snowmeeple Bites - Melk Chocolate Mint with Candy Cane Crunch
 Sjaak's Vegan Snowmeeple Bites - Dark Chocolate with Peanut Butter Crunch
 Thompson Milk Chocolate Holiday Balls
 Thompson Milk Chocolate Happy Holidays Mix
 Holiday Natural Baking Decoration Set
 Happy Holidays Lollipops Pack * 4 PK
 Allergy-Friendly Holiday Bundle
 Gluten-Free Holiday Bundle
 Mini OCHO Organic Trees - Peanut Butter
 Mini OCHO Organic Trees - Caramel
 Jed's Organic Maple Candy Santa
 Hammond's Organic Jumbo Candy Canes - Variety Pack
 Natural Candy Store Organic Peppermint Bark
 Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Jubilee
 Lake Champlain Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Jubilee
 Lake Champlain Dark and White Chocolate Snowman
 Sweet Organics Peppermint Flavored Organic Mini Candy Canes
 Sjaak's Vegan Snowmeeple Bites - Coconut Milk Chocolate with Maple Candied Pecans
 Sjaak's Vegan Tree - Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch
 Sjaak's Paleo Vegan Tree - Coconut Milk Chocolate Almond Butter
 Sjaak's Vegan Santa Pop - Melk Chocolate
 YumEarth Organic Holiday Gummy Fruits - Snack Size * 10 SnPk
 YumEarth Organic Holiday Giggles - Snack Size * 10 SnPk
 Allergy-Friendly Advent Calendar
 Mini OCHO Organic Trees - Mix
 Mini Dandies Vegan Marshmallows - Peppermint * 5 OZ
 SweetOrganics Peppermint Flavored Organic Candy Canes
 Lake Champlain Fair Trade Hot Chocolate - Peppermint
 LillyBean DIY Kit - Gluten-Free Gingerbread Tiny House Village
 LillyBean DIY Kit - Gluten-Free Molten Chocolate Cakes
 Maple Spice Gingerbread Man Lollipop
 Choko Moose Lollipop
 Thompson Milk Chocolate Stars - Blue & Silver
 Thompson Milk Chocolate Stars - Red & Green
 Lake Champlain Fair Trade Hot Chocolate - Traditional
 Lake Champlain Fair Trade Hot Chocolate - Marshmallow
 Lake Champlain Fair Trade Hot Chocolate - Dark
 Vegan Holiday Bundle
 Thompson Milk Chocolate Stars - Silver & Gold
 Thompson Milk Chocolate Coins - Gold
 Hammond's Organic Jumbo Candy Canes - Butterscotch
 Hammond's Organic Jumbo Candy Canes - Cherry
 Hammond's Organic Jumbo Candy Canes - Cinnamon
 Hammond's Organic Jumbo Candy Canes - Mint
 Hammond's Organic Jumbo Candy Canes - Root Beer
 Hammond's Organic Jumbo Candy Canes - Strawberry
 Gingerbread Decoration Kit
 Lake Champlain Organic Nonpareils - Dark