SCBQ-10 - Classic Caramels

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Apr 14, 2012  |  Posted By Juliet Zamel from

Delicious! Please make a lactose or dairy free caramel. My son loves your caramels but is lactose intolerant(as are 60% of americans). Thanks.

soft caramels

Nov 10, 2012  |  Posted By Tammy from

Yummy .Please make some dairy free my son would love to have some , but can't have dairy . Thanks a bunch .

These are the best caramels ever

Oct 4, 2019  |  Posted By Diane from Weare, NH United States

Creamy, delectable, like like the caramels I remember when I was a child. No corn syrup, no additives, just beautiful sweet candy!

Very satisfied

May 12, 2020  |  Posted By Katelyn from Oakland , OR United States

I was amazed at how well the Carmel candies tasted with very little ingredients. And I loved how beautifully packaged they were. I bought some for my mother for mother's day and she loved them. I would definitely buy these again.


Sep 25, 2020  |  Posted By Liv from San Diego, CA United States

Mmm! How many come in the package?


Sep 28, 2020  |  Posted By Jenn from Rockville, MD United States

These are great. We love them very much with the butter. If you could possibly offer more flavors to order individually that would be great (I can't eat salt so a multipack with salted caramels isn't the best for me).

Yummy& soft

Oct 1, 2020  |  Posted By Miss s from Flint, MI United States

Very good.ladt time I had carnwl like this was a very long time ago.hard to come by.