SCBQ-13 - Assorted Bequet Caramels

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out of this world!

Mar 7, 2009  |  Posted By kerry from ohio,

these caramels are incredibly delicious. i knew i would like the soft, chocolate and espresso caramels, but even the more daring celtic sea salt and chipotle were outstanding. it was like having the caramels my grandmother used to make, only kicked up a notch. i would not hesitate to recommend the assortment pack to any caramel lover.

The Perfect Thank-You Gift!

Jul 21, 2009  |  Posted By Nicole from Berkeley, CA,

These are so delicious! I have NEVER had caramels as good as these. They make great thank-you gifts -- everyone who tries them will love them.


Jul 21, 2009  |  Posted By Melody from New Jersey,

Someone gave a bag of Chewy, Celtic Sea Salt and Maple to the office as a gift. It was so good! I will definitely vouch for the Celtic Sea Salt. The salt offsets the sweetness of the caramel and adds texture to it. I could hardly stop myself from eating them!

Wonderful Caramels - Careful in Hot Weather!

Jul 31, 2009  |  Posted By Heather from Danbury, CT,

These are really wonderful, full-flavored caramels. Some of the flavors challenge the palate and ultimately win you over. Be cautious when ordering in warm weather - mine came quite soft and 25% melted in the bag. Take into consideration that storage by the shipper is likely not temperature controlled!

Love Them

Nov 14, 2009  |  Posted By kjb65 from Des Moines,

I love caramels and I was eager to try these. These are hands down the best caramels I have ever had. I am especially found of the celtic salt - it is the perfect mix of sweet and salty.

Best Carmels in the world!

Jan 1, 2010  |  Posted By Rosemary from Bismarck, ND,

My friend who received your carmels when her family from Montana came to visit her for Christmas gave me two of them today, and I discovered the best carmels in the world! They are so very delicious, plan to order some from you soon by mail. Thank you for your wonderful carmels!

The Best!!

Jan 16, 2010  |  Posted By Carolyn from Texas,

You cannot believe how good these are till you try them. I have a house full of allergic kiddos, so I purchased these along with some other items for Christmas stockings. These didn't make it to the stockings. My husband and I ate most of them!! The chipotle is so super yum that my husband, the pickiest candy man in the world, loved them. These are big pieces, too, easily two bites!! Well worth the money! I'm buying more for Valentine's Day.


Dec 13, 2011  |  Posted By CeZe from

Buttery, rich, delicious, homemade flavor. What more can I say. These are simply the best. A great gift or keep them all to yourself. It is hard to pick a favorite because they are all great but the Celtic sea salt is the first one I would grab for out of a mix.

Get it out of my mouth!!

Dec 8, 2013  |  Posted By Megan from

Hurk, blech, grosss! gag!! The regular chewy caramels are good. Nothing spectacular, but for someone who can't have corn, I guess I can't be that picky, so for an every now and then treat, it's nice. The texture and chewability is good, flavor is good. As for the mixed bag? bluhhhhhh I came in open minded, but that door quickly closed, spice and caramel don't go together in my book. And the celtic sea salt.. nothing like a mouthful of salt to chew on. Mmmm... I'll leave these to everyone else, and go chew on something else

Absolutely the Best

Dec 17, 2014  |  Posted By Kim R.I. Brogan from Bonita, CA United States

These caramels, especially the Celtic Salt are the best caramels I've ever eaten. They are soft and buttery, the flavor accented by the salt. They are delicious.

the best caramels I ever had

Jan 18, 2018  |  Posted By Chicken from Boston, MA United States

Delicious! More flavor than the stuff they pass off as caramel at the grocery store. The variety bag comes with two of each flavor, so both my kid and I were able to get a test of each flavor. I was not a fan of the green apple or chipotle, but the others were delicious. The mint was both my kid's and my favorite!

a bit too sweet

Dec 23, 2019  |  Posted By Leslie A Cole from Escondido, CA United States

I found these caramels a bit too sweet.

The hands down best caramel I've ever had.

May 24, 2020  |  Posted By Amy Krumbholz from Bozeman , MT United States

I love these caramels. I'm eating some now. My daughter got me some for my birthday. I love the chipotle flavor. I wanted to ask though if you ever considered do a pumpkin spice or an egg nog caramel? I give you a 10 star rating. How's that.