SGSS-11-EA - Surf Sweets Natural Gummy Worms

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Aug 31, 2008  |  Posted By Leslie from

These are absolutely delicious! My kids adore them and I can feel good knowing they are free of artificial colors.

So so..

Mar 18, 2009  |  Posted By Mia Burton from Austin, TX,

They have a good taste but my kids complain that "they're too hard to chew!"


Apr 12, 2009  |  Posted By April from Nevada,

My whole family loves these. The flavors are great and they are just like regular gummy worms. It's great for people (like my daughter) who can't eat corn syrup.

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Oct 12, 2009  |  Posted By Stacey from alabama,

My child has multiple food allergies and this line of gummy candy is great! She was so happy when we finally found candy she could eat and it tastes great.

Gummy Worms are Great!

Feb 6, 2010  |  Posted By Carolyn from Traverse City MI,

My daughter has celiac and needs to eat gluten free. She also has a red 40 dye allergy. We were so happy to find these gummy worms that were gluten free and had no food coloring. They taste great. My daughter said they are just like the old ones she loved, maybe a litte better! Please keep making these!

It's like I'm a kid again:)

Mar 25, 2010  |  Posted By C. from New York,

I LOVE gummy worms. Unfortunately, with all the crap that's in candy now, I haven't been eating any. Just ordered these from this site the other day and they taste great! Just like the ones I used to eat but without the garbage.


Mar 19, 2011  |  Posted By Rachel from

These are a wonderful treat. They have a great taste and texture. My children love them!

Not that great...

Apr 29, 2011  |  Posted By QuenOScots from Azusa, CA,

The outsides of the worms were a bit oily. The texture was VERY chewy and slightly hard to bite through. When I ate a handful at once, I got a pretty bad tummy ache. Try their gummy bears or sour gummy worms instead, those were much better. These I will not be buying again.


Jun 18, 2012  |  Posted By Michele from California,

The surf sweet gummie worms are my daughters favorite candy. We have ordered them multiple time and bought them at higher end grocery stores.. Never had a problem with them being too hard. Closest thing to candy other kids eat without all the yucky chemicals. Good job Surf Sweets.


Apr 2, 2013  |  Posted By Darlene Oakes from Twain Harte ,

The worms don't come any better, but the caramels, all of them are the BEST we ever had. Cant leave out the pecan brittle, now ask my better half his comment is WOW!!! This is my 4th order just love it all. Every time someone drops by they all know the candy dish here has the best candy EVER!

Love them!

Jan 23, 2019  |  Posted By Hannah from Sewell, NJ United States

These were delicious! Go with the gummy and not the sour, sour were very strange and not the consistency of a gummy worm. The regular ones are delicious and gummy!