BTKC-10-EA - Organic Caramel Sauce

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Jan 27, 2009  |  Posted By Kc from MI,

This is the best caramel topping I've ever had. It tastes like a really good homemade caramel. Microwave 10 seconds (like directions say). My son and I both love it. It's incredible.

Best caramel ever

Aug 25, 2009  |  Posted By Theresa from Easton, PA,

I have never tasted caramel this good. The only problem is that you will find yourself eating it with a spoon straight out of the refrigerator. Soft and creamy, perfectly delicious. Two thumbs way up.

Unbelievably Good

Jul 11, 2011  |  Posted By Connie from WA,

This has never made it on to anything but apple slices because I keep eating it out of the jar with a spoon. This is NOT the sickly sweet caramel sauce sold in grocery stores....this is the stuff mom made. I'll be ordering more soon!!!


Dec 11, 2011  |  Posted By Nicole from California,

SO delicious! It was out of stock for awhile so when it came back I snagged two jars. This is amazingly yummy and the perfect topping to lattes in the morning.


Oct 27, 2014  |  Posted By Dara Woolley from Newport Beacg, CA United States

Delicious & organic caramel sauce. Highly recommend, worth the price for being organic & so good!


Sep 20, 2017  |  Posted By Colleen Holland from Fort Collins, CO United States

This is so good and clean! NO corn syrup. Buy this, you won't regret it!


Oct 4, 2019  |  Posted By Diane from Weare, NH United States

Oh I could get so fat! Put me in a corner with a jar of this and a spoon. Heavenly.


Nov 19, 2019  |  Posted By Juanita from Alexandria, VA United States

This caramel exceeded my expectations. On the first bite, I was blown away. I thought - did it really just taste that good? I took another bite and - BAM - yes it was that good and already better than I remembered. I am hard to please and this sauce is the bomb dot com.

So good

Nov 29, 2019  |  Posted By Ashley from Ogden, UT United States

I looked everywhere for a caramel sauce with no corn syrup and couldn't find it anywhere except here. This caramel tasted amazing and I am so happy I found some that worked for my family. The caramel had a great flavor and consistency.