SGSN-11-EA - Sunridge Farms Sunny Fruit Slices

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Oct 8, 2009  |  Posted By nnsthes from new york,

awesome taste good

Will Order Again and Again

Oct 16, 2009  |  Posted By kjb65 from Des Moines,

I was really wanting jellied fruit candy when I ordered these - and they completely satisfied that craving.


Feb 20, 2011  |  Posted By Joel from

These are a really good alternative to gummy bears and gummy worms. I would buy again.

Absolute Best!

Jul 27, 2011  |  Posted By Cheryl from Susanville,

I adore these. They don't make me sick from the sugar consumption or additives and they taste terrific. (Both a plus. ;) Grapefruit -- light pink -- is the absolute best. I don't buy any other type of gummy candy any longer.

Mmm fruity slices

Dec 29, 2011  |  Posted By Veronica from Vancouver,

These are really good, I was looking for vegan gummies. My favorite are the cherry and grapefruit. I like the taste and consistency of these. And best of all no high fructose corn syrup.


Oct 19, 2012  |  Posted By Maria from Marin, CA,

Was expecting a stronger fruit flavor, but mostly noticed the sugar. They're pretty sweet for a jelly candy. They do have great texture.


Sep 9, 2014  |  Posted By Nicole from Shell beach, CA United States

These jellies are delicious! They are like no other jellies I have had before ... The flavors are wonderful! Clearly I'm very excited haha :) when my boyfriend and I went back to the market to get our next bag I noticed they have vitamin c! I got even more happy :)))


Apr 28, 2016  |  Posted By Barbara Cochranr from Chicago, IL United States

These are drkucious. They taste like sweet, solid fruit juice. I was looking for orange slices and found these. I ordered because they are made from all organic ingredients and WOW, what a great taste. I will never buy any other jellied candy. These are the best.


Aug 15, 2017  |  Posted By Barbara Cochrane from Chicago , IL United States

I ordered these when looking for spearmint leaves or orange slices. I thought the ingredients sounded so much better than the kind you get in the store. I just love these!!! They are super delicious like little slices of fresh fruit juice. I've been buying them for a couple of years now and am addicted to their fresh flavor. Thanks, Sun Ridge Farms!

Chewy Delights

Sep 22, 2019  |  Posted By Kay Oery from Lacey, WA United States

Great flavor and texture. Small but flavor gives a punch. Nice little treat after a meal.

simply delicious

Feb 18, 2020  |  Posted By John SanFilippo from Indianapolis, IN United States

The best fruit slices I've ever had!

Better than their non-vegan counterparts!

May 9, 2020  |  Posted By SMT from Madison, WI United States

I usually want this type of candy but it is rarely vegan and even more rarely, not more sugar than fruity goodness... finally, a solution... my omnivorous friends liked them better as well.


May 15, 2020  |  Posted By Gordon Gharis from Logansport, IN United States

I very much like these fruit slices. A jellied texture and the flavors are more authentic. Definitely worth the purchase. A better quality. This was my second purchase of these.