CSTS-10-EA - Organic Candy Canes

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Dec 18, 2008  |  Posted By Michael from Oregon,

These things were pretty awesome. They taste similar to commercial candy canes, but are much more smooth in texture and taste. I was happy to actually have candy canes that did not make me sick :) Also, they're fun to swirl in your mouth.

Merry Christmas!

Dec 25, 2008  |  Posted By Jacobsen Books from Wisconsin,

Delicious, sweet peppermint flavor with rose pink stripes. This delicious, naturally colored candy looks handmade.

Best ever!

Jan 4, 2009  |  Posted By Laurie from Houston,

Having a child with dye allergies certainly is challenging at times. Finding these candy canes was perfect! Our entire family enjoyed them very much. So wonderful to find Pure Fun products, nice to know a company actually cares about goodness.


Oct 2, 2009  |  Posted By Kris from Colorado,

We love these delicious candy canes. Thank you for providing such a healthy alternative that tastes better than the unhealthy ones.

Our Candy Canes!

Nov 30, 2009  |  Posted By East Coaster from

I am rating these a four only because if you are used to regular candy canes, you will notice a slight difference. These don't have quite as much of the peppermint punch. However, these are delicious, and our children love them! Due to a combination of food allergies and healthy choices, these are our candy canes of choice!

Pretty Yum

Dec 18, 2009  |  Posted By Liz from

I found these not NEARLY as strongly mint flavored as regular candy canes and lacking that, as another reviewer said, "peppermint punch" which I found myself missing as I'm fond of candy canes/starlights. However, these were quite surprisingly good. The flavor was much more mellow and subtle, even. Didn't completely satisfy my peppermint craving, but they tided me over. And the texture was identical to standard candy canes. While the taste was decent, due to how pricy these are, I would only recommend these to someone who had allergies or certain dietary restrictions; they're quadruple the cost of regular candy canes in the height of the holiday season.

Perfect Pink!

Apr 13, 2010  |  Posted By Cindy from Appleton, WI,

These are fantastic! The kids love them, they're just the right size. I'm only giving it a 4 because it is more pink than red, so the kids notice that slight difference. Other than that - perfect! A Christmas re-order must every year!

I love these Candy Canes!

Dec 4, 2010  |  Posted By Leah Price from Mississippi,

These are the best candy canes I have ever had. They smell just as good as they taste. I am so grateful they are organic, gluten free, and red dye free. I didn't know how we were going to have Christmas without candy canes. My son has already eaten two boxes and I've had to hide the rest from him. Delicious!!


Jan 15, 2011  |  Posted By Zadu from USA,

These are too much sweetness without any cooling pepermint. Don't get me wrong. These are delicious candy canes but I think they missed the most important ingredient of what makes a candy cane special. Pepermint oil. There's only some very mild flavor of pepermint along with other delicious flavors that would complement nicely if there was real pepermint oil added. Then these would be a 5 on the rating scale

Best Candy Canes

Nov 21, 2011  |  Posted By Jennifer J. from Minnesota,

These are our favorite candy canes! My kids, who don't like spicy candy canes, love these. The mint is just right. It's subtle and delicious and not too strong! These are very addicting.

Just Fabulous

Nov 23, 2011  |  Posted By Littlebear Yellowbanks from Des Moines, Iowa,

I like that these canes are vegan.My loves these canes because they are sweet n mint,not bitey.The hint of mint and the syrupy brown rice make these canes over the top in all ways.

love it

Dec 13, 2012  |  Posted By ariella from



Dec 17, 2012  |  Posted By C from North Carolina,

2.5 stars. I can almost not taste the peppermint at all-- they do have a nice smooth, mellow sweetness, but... no peppermint! That is key to a candy cane! Also, some bites had a funny aftertaste I think from the brown rice. Finally, they are distinctly pink, actually a funny sort of mauve color. They will not look like "everyone else's" candy canes. The included mango chili lollipop I got as a free sample was awesome though :)

barely perceptible mint flavor

Dec 26, 2012  |  Posted By Heidi from

I am happy about these being organic and natural. I am willing to pay more if organic peppermint oil is expensive. The Pure Fun brand of peppermint candy was much better, but, alas, they can no longer be found. I wish there were an enhanced flavor option. I can't do the Red #40 and titanium dioxide, so I wonder if I'll have to do without peppermint candy.


Jan 29, 2014  |  Posted By Renee from Texas,

The candy canes have a mild peppermint flavor combined with a strawberry cotton candy flavor. The level of sweetness in just right with it being towards the low end. The box never made it to the party as me and my son devoured them.


Dec 4, 2014  |  Posted By Elisabeth Wilkins from Yorktown, VA United States

I am so happy to have found these here...thank you Natural Candy Store for bringing in corn-free treats so my child can have "separate but equal" treatment during the holidays. It makes her feel included, when so many aspects of ALL holidays revolve around food, this is one thing she can have that looks just like all the other kids'. Yes, the mint taste is mild. That makes them more kid-friendly, and I prefer them as well.

Absolutely delicious!

Nov 10, 2016  |  Posted By Evagelia Lyras from Medford, NJ United States

These are the best! I do not like candy canes but I buy them every year for my students and they just love them. They look forward to them and they start asking me if I will get them again this year. They all say that these are much better than "regular" candy canes. I do wish the miniature ones would once again be available - they were much more cost effective for me since I buy a bunch so that each kid gets one.

Wow love this Candy

Sep 3, 2017  |  Posted By Dawn from Edmonton , AB Canada

My friends and I love this. One day me and friend eat 1 box that day. Your kids love it


Dec 8, 2018  |  Posted By Suzanne Barker from Orland, CA United States

My family loves these! I love that they are organic and don't contain corn. Way better than regular candy canes.

Very good

Nov 16, 2019  |  Posted By Katelyn from Oakland , OR United States

They are good. They could be better if they had a peppermint taste. They just tasted like sugar. But other thane that they are great.

Best candy canes

Dec 28, 2019  |  Posted By Dorothy from Pgh, PA United States

I'm glad u make this candy with artificial colors. Way healthier than regular brands

These will be a Christmas must have!

Dec 28, 2019  |  Posted By Lennox Wellness from Southeast, GA United States

Thank you for creating a better candy cane option. My kids preferred these over the artificial flavored candy cane. We only ordered ONE box since it was our first time trying these and now that we know they taste SO GOOD, we will order more next season. I recommend ordering several boxes!!! You won't be disappointed. We will add these to our Christmas must haves each year! Thank you! I promoted your business on my holistic wellness business. I hope you gain customers!

Peppermint Candy Canes

Dec 30, 2019  |  Posted By Bonnie from Brown Deer , WI United States

Disappointed they didn't have much flavor, did not taste like peppermint

Candy Cane

Jan 1, 2020  |  Posted By Iris Jones from Charlottesville, VA United States

We enyoid the candy canes very much. I will buy them again for sure.