Dawn Van Hee
Founder/CEO/Big Sis

During more than ten years in the packaged food industry, Dawn has done everything from quality assurance at a cookie factory to sales analysis for McCormick spices, from product development of Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressings to market research in the natural products industry. She traces her abiding interest in food and nutrition to a childhood spent hanging out at the natural grocery store her mom co-founded and managed in the 70s. Amazed by the variety of all-natural candy being produced today that did not exist when she was a child, she's thrilled to return to her retailing roots with Dawn loves learning about food from all angles, be it scientific or cultural, and enjoys cooking anything from scratch. Her dream vacation is a month-long culinary tour of India. (Mexico, Italy, France or Japan would be okay, too!) She has a BS in biology and earned an MBA in food and agribusiness from Santa Clara University.

Dawn personally researches and selects every candy carried at to meet quality and taste standards. She looks forward to developing exclusive products for the store. If you have product suggestions or questions, or for media requests, she's the one to contact:

Dawn's candy picks:
CleanCandy® Lemon Drop
Honey Mint Patties
Natural Candy Store Organic Peppermint Bark

Irene Nelson
COO/Little Sis

Talented little sister is our chief operating officer and we're lucky she agreed to leave the coastal paradise of Santa Cruz years ago to join the family business! Irene has a BA from UC Santa Cruz, where she founded UCSC's first competitive poetry slam team. She loves walking her dogs and playing with her pet bunny.

In addition to managing our candy warehouse and having a sweet disposition that's perfect for customer service, Irene designed this website and draws all the illustrations. We also have her to thank for coming up with our awesome tag line, "All the fun without the funny stuff!". Contact Irene directly at

Irene's candy picks:
CleanCandy® Butterscotch Button
Eli's Earth Bars - Treasure Bar
Surf Sweets Organic Watermelon Rings

Molly Hamaker

For two decades, Molly has been an independent business development and marketing consultant who has helped numerous clients grow their companies. Early in her career, she was involved in a variety of food-related enterprises—in the 70s as the co-founder of a natural foods co-op, in the 80s when she promoted California farmer's markets, and in the 90s while working professionally with Frances Moore Lappé and Mollie Katzen (two of her early food heroes!). In between working and raising four kids, Molly earned a masters degree in educational psychology. A lifelong community activist, her current focus is on mental health issues.

Molly's in charge of financial management where her head for numbers and experiece with strategic planning serves us well. For financial matters, Molly can be reached at

Molly's candy picks:
CleanCandy® Root Beer Float
OCHO Organic Candy Bar - Coconut Bar
55% Dark Chocolate Bites - Organic & Fair-Trade

Absolutely NO artificial colors or dyes, NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners, NO preservatives, NO hydrogenated oils!
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