Warm Weather Shipping


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Please Note: NaturalCandyStore.com cannot be held responsible for damage to orders caused by exposure to heat during shipping.

It's getting HOT out there!

Even if your location is cool, it is likely that your order will travel through temperatures of 75° or warmer. Please follow these steps to protect chocolate items from melting in transit.

California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah:
If there's chocolate in your order, add a Cold Pack or two to your cart. If temperatures are 80° or above you should order an Cold Shipping Box. UPS Ground and USPS Priority Mail to these locations takes two days, so expedited shipping is not necessary.

All other states where temperatures are above 75°:
Please read on to learn how to protect your chocolate items from melting.

More information on Warm Weather Shipping:

While any food product will be affected to some degree by exposure to high temperatures, most of the products we carry are relatively stable. After all, sugar has been used since ancient times to naturally preserve foods! Still, some items, such as chocolate, caramels, marshmallows, and gelatin-based gummies do melt and require extra attention. We've posted a Warm Weather Shipping message in the item description for very heat-sensitive items so you'll know which ones are at higher risk.

We can't guarantee heat-sensitive candies will arrive in perfect shape (we wish we could control the weather!), but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of heat damage.

Protect Your Order from the Heat

Heat-sensitive items are identified with a Warm Weather Shipping Message in red on the product page. If your order includes one of these items (or any chocolate), or if you have any concerns about the perishability of your order, you should carry out the following steps:

1. Add Cold Packs to your order. If the shipping destination is above 80°, add an Cold Shipping Box to your cart.

2. Choose an expedited shipping method (USPS Priority Mail, 2 Day, or Overnight Delivery) at checkout. Please take into consideration the temperature of your location and the fact that cold packs are most effective the first 24 hours.

3. Ship your order to an air-conditioned office or be home when your package is delivered so it doesn't sit outside in the heat any longer than necessary. Carefully remove your sweets from their shipping box as soon as possible to expose them to the cooler indoor temperature.

Delayed Shipping to Protect Your Sweets

Typically, orders received before noon Pacific time on weekdays are shipped out the same day. However, we may choose to delay shipping to reduce time in transit. For example, if you place an order on Friday morning, and the expected transit time is 2 days, we will wait until Monday to ship. You will receive the package one day later (Wednesday instead of Tuesday), but your order will remain in our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse over the weekend instead of a steamy truck or warehouse.

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