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Non-GMO Candy

Visit our Shop by Diet Friendly Candy page to limit your candy to Non-GMO options. There you'll find two GMO search filters: Non-GMO (All) and Non-GMO (Certified).

If you're wondering what the difference is between these two filters, or if you want to learn a little more about GMOs in general, read on!

Non-GMO (All) filter— includes all of the following: Non-GMO Project Verified items, Certified Organic items, items that state on the package they are free of GMOs, items manufactured in other countries which require labeling of GMOs, some items for which the supplier has provided additional information regarding GMOs (which will be noted on the product page).

Non-GMO (Certified) filter— is limited to: 1) Non-GMO Project Verified candy and 2) Certified Organic candy (organic is inherently non-GMO)

More detailed Non-GMO Information