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I was looking for a source for organic sweets and this site popped up in my online search! I was looking for one specific item that was always disappearing from my grocery store shelves and my children and grandchildren can't get them in their areas. So, Grandpa needed to solve this as I couldn't get enough Wholesome's Organic DelishFish at my store and needed to find another source so that I could send/deliver them to my family. This site had them and so much more that I was unaware was available! Ordering is easy, shipping is fast, almost always a discount opportunity available, and customer service is excellent! There was a minor problem with one of my recent orders and I received a wonderful phone call explaining the situation and a new shipment was received in less than two days (because the oversight had caused a delay in my receiving my order)! Extremely happy to have found a great source for organic candies and treats!!
Roy, PA

I got my little goodie box today and I am just thrilled at the freshness and quality and taste of the candy. I stumbled on your marshmallows at Walmart. The taffy is so very good. I am celiac and have a severe allergy to corn, so for the last 30 years I havent eaten taffy or caramels. I am very pleased!
Mc Kees Rocks, PA

I first just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you do! I can see how much care you all put into your packages to make sure our candy arrives safely & arrives intact. And each time it has! Shipping has been so quick, and the candy is delicious and I know I haven't harmed any animals in the process it being all vegan. just wanted to say thank you thank you :)
Grace, California

Thank you so much for offering excellent Customer Service and wonderful, great tasting candy and gifts! We'll be sure to order more delicious items from Natural Candy Store.
Boca Raton, Florida

I ordered ginger candies last week and by the beginning of the week, my well-packed order arrived. These are the best ginger candies that both, my husband and I had tried. They have the strength that ginger has, therefore they don't seem as sweet as other candy where the flavor is lost in the sweetness.
Ana, Texas

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for offering all-natural candy. I don't enjoy eating all that artificial stuff they sell these days, and ever since I stumbled into your awesome, 100% natural candy site, I can enjoy a wide variety of sweets without any artificial nonsense to worry about! I just can't stop eating your candy! My family and I love your candy and we order your products all the time! I am so delighted to have found such an amazing site like this, thank you so much!
Brianna, Illinois

I was unable to find organic marshmallows anywhere, but needed some for a camping trip to the redwoods with our Grandkids, as they really wanted to make s'mores. I came across your site and ordered 3 tubs of vanilla marshmallow cream. My Grandkids loved it! It was delicious and made it possible for us to make s'mores by the campfire! Thank you!!
-Melissa, Oregon

I just want to say thank you. We discovered my son could not have artificial dye over a year ago. I was so happy to find your website and love your products. It makes life easier. Thank you again!!

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for providing me one stop shopping for my 6 year old little girl who is allergic to food dye. I feel horrible some days because I have to tell her no she can't have this cause it has dye in it or her siblings get candy and she can't have it, or she has to have all color free things. I know that last one may sound silly but to a 6 year old it makes you feel like you are the sore thumb of every group. She will get to make Christmas cookies this year the same as her brother and sister with red and green and to me that means a whole lot. THANK YOU!!
-Amanda, Indiana

I have enjoyed your candies and treats for several years now. With my daughter, I try to make your candies the only sweets she gets for different holidays. With the scare about artificial dyes and sweeteners. Its nice to know we have choices.
-Amy, Texas

Thank-you for shipping to Canada!! I can't believe how hard it is to get safe candy. My son cannot have artificial dyes and we as a family do not do artificial sweeteners. He loves gum, gummy worms, jello and lollipops. We had to cut them all out. He is usually really good about not being allowed to have it. But it is so hard to deny him at parties, Christmas, Easter and so on. I was just as excited as he was to have found this site! Thank-you, Thank-you so very much for filling a MUCH needed market void. And for caring about what we put in our children's bodies. I can't wait to get my package!
-Michelle, Canada

Wow!! So thrilled to find your website! I received my order for the all-natural baking decorations and food coloring and am totally thrilled. I so often would let the kids bake and decorate cookies with their friends at Holidays using the artifical decorations, but cringed at the thought of them eating all that unnatural stuff. (I always threw 98% of it away when they had forgotten about it) This year making cookies was incredibly awesome!! NO worries with bad ingredients and the cookies turned out beautifully AND they tasted great too. You can count on me as satisfied customer for a very long time. Just placed another HUGE order in preparation for Valentines Day (wish I had thought of Easter too...) Next order :) Thanks so much for the free samples we are able to choose. This helps when trying to decide what to buy.

As the parent of a special needs child with multiple food sensitivites, this site is a godsend! This Easter is the first "candy holiday" that my boys will get to celebrate traditionally. Although we limit candy to special occasions, I can tell, after trying the jelly beans I just ordered, that we will be repeat customers!
-Ann, Tennessee

I LOVE your site. My kids can't have artificial food colorings and Halloween has always been a nightmare! :) We have to throw out almost all of their candy and then usually they sneak "bad" candy and end up sick. Now they know I'll trade them for the yummy stuff from your site it has made life SO much easier! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!
-Michelle, Arkansas

I recently received a HUGE order from you. I ordered lots and lots of Easter Candy for my 4 year old with multiple food allergies. He has never been able to go to an Easter egg hunt because of his allergies. This year, thanks to you, the Easter Bunny will actually be able to give him gummy worms (something he has never had), plus lots and lots of other cute, yummy Easter treats. I can't possibly thank you enough for providing food that my little guy can not only eat, but will absolutely love. I'm a repeat- and will be a life-long customer!

First of all I LOVE & APPRECIATE this site. How wonderful to find natural made candy & such with so many different varieties to offer! Second of all "KUDOS" to all the information supplied... it is SO refreshing to have ingredients and other information listed. This involves a lot of hard work and I really appreciate it.

I just wanted to say we received our newest shipment of sweets for our boys. On the receipt it says "Thank you for your order" and I just wanted to say, NO...Thank You, for giving us a place to shop to buy yummy, safe sweets for our boys with special diet needs. It is so important to be able to have things that make them feel like normal kids. Thank You!!
-Jill, California

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this wonderful store and thoughtful concept!! I've struggled with a severe allergy/intolerance to Red Dye #40 since childhood and seeing the beautiful natural decorations made me tear up!! Looking forward to being a loyal customer for all occasions and already posted links to family and friends...;) Keep up the great work!

So glad to have found an organic candy store!
-Catherine, Florida

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much. My son Caden is 5 and he can no longer have any foods with red dye 40. Christmas is his favorite time of year and candy canes are his FAVORITE. I thought for sure that this year he would miss out and just like halloween he would just have to "understand". That was until I stumbled across your website. WOW! Thank you for being the only place where I could buy candy canes without red dye 40. Your site as well as the products you sell are truly amazing. I thank you and so does Caden:)
-Michelle, Michigan

I'm a picky vegetarian, and so when it comes to candy I don't eat much of it due to gelatin and other animal ingredients. For Valentines day my boyfriend ordered me some of the candy you sell and let me just say its AWESOME. He got me the fruit slices, gummy bears, and some jelly beans and they are so delicious. I just thought I should let you know that I an completely satisfied and thanks for providing an outlet for vegetarian's to get their sweets!

We don't have food allergies, but I'm trying to limit and reduce the amount of questionable ingredients we ingest. I stumbled across your site a couple of days ago as I was searching for treats to hand out at my son's 3rd birthday party. I am delighted at both the prompt service and the quality of the candies, and I will be buying from you again.
-Kathryn, Tennessee

Thanks to you, my son who has multiple food allergies will have the Christmas candy I grew up eating. Thank you very much. With much appreciation,
-Sandra, Florida

I have celiac disease, however, I still have a sweet tooth!!! Your store has a wonderful & D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S selection of gluten-free candy (my favorite - honey lemon candy). Additionally, you have outstanding customer service and my candy always arrives on-time...sometimes even sooner than expected. Just want to say...thanks!
-Stacey, California

Love the website! We're a Feingold family with an almost 4-year old. Trying to find candy he can eat without going into rages due to artificial colors, flavors, preservatives has been a nightmare! Because of that, your website has been a Godsend to the whole family!
-Mary, Illinois

I just wanted to let you know how truly pleased I was with my candy order. My son has multiple food allergies (including corn), and candy has basically been off-limits for the last year (except for some awful dark chocolate candy bars I found). When your package arrived today I told him it was a 'surprise' just for him. He danced around with delight while I opened the box. When he saw and entire box full of candy for him, all tied in colorful ribbons, the sparkle in his eyes was unbelievable. It was like Christmas morning! Thank you so very much! You have a life-long customer in this house.
-JoAnna, Illinois

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much my family and friends enjoy your products! Your selection is so varied and everything we've ordered so far has been wonderful. My Mom is ill and on a very strict diet (no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, etc) and she especially loves the organic candy because it doesn't upset her digestive system. Thank you so much for bringing such sweetness to our home.
-Karin, New York

The candy in the order was AWESOME. You guys are the best. Have never been much for chocolates but my weakness has always been for hard candies, have nooooo self control when it comes to hard candies. I love them. Since I have a very severe allergy to both milk and artificial food colors, indulging my weakness has been a real challenge, until now. Believe me I will be ordering again SOON. I am also telling all my friends about you, especially since one of them gets horrible migraine headaches every time he eats fake colors or sweeteners. Thanks again for getting it here so fast.
-Adriana, Ohio

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering these gluten-free, soy-free, corn- free candies. I had tears in my eyes as I placed my order since my sons will get to experience real candy for the first time. Thank you for helping them to have an Easter morning just like other kids. I so appreciate you!
-Jena, Washington

OK - I am way too excited not to send you guys an email. I surfed in here by accident and I cannot BELIEVE what great stuff you guys have!!! Our 6-year-old reacts very badly to artificial colors (especially Red #40) and finding him treats is always a challenge. All these choices are amazing! Not to mention the food colors - we can bake for the holidays this year!!! I'm seriously getting choked grateful that this business exists...please keep it up! I really can't tell you how glad I was to find your store!!! Our son is very good about staying away from artificial colors, but I know it's hard for him when the other kids get to eat stuff he can't have. And he loves to cook and bake - he will be thrilled that we can make cookies! Best of luck with your store...and many thanks from our boy and his mommies...
-Suzanne, California

I love the sweet botanicals candy line...the floral candies, such as rose, violet and lavender are simply divine!! I am looking forward to getting my monthly candy order from your website in a few days. Please do keep up the "TERRIFIC WORK" and I can't wait to try the other flavors you have in stock. Customer for Life!!!
-Reneé, New Jersey

While my daughter's red dye allergy isn't dire (not like a peanut allergy) we do try to limit it as much as possible. You can only imagine how hard that is for a 3 and a half year old to not have lollypops or other candy on 'treat days' at school or on the weekends. Thanks again. While we try to limit her candy intake altogether, your site and your candies will allow us to have special treats in the house that we can feel good about giving her.
-Justin, Missouri

Since getting chemical sensitivities and then colon cancer, it has been a long road back to health. The only way I can be sure and stay well is to eat all organic, and I have eliminated all chemicals in my indoor air, water, food and cosmetics. I learned I don't need any chemicals at all. I clean with baking soda and white vinegar, make my own shampoo bars, buy chemical free everything else, have a fresh air fan and filter system in my home, eat all organic. The only thing missing in my life was CANDY!!! I have been eating organic dark 70% chocolate, but no other candy. So, the hard candies are great. Ever since I started eating all organic I thought I would never have such delicious candy again. I keep a bowl of your hard candies on my table. I thought I would never be able to have Easter candy again. No more marshmellow peeps, etc. because I no longer eat processed or white sugar, non organic candy. Thank you for supplying me with quality organic candy.
-Christine, Washington

Hi there! I just wanted to tell you thank you for offering allergen free candies!! My little boy is allergic to wheat, dairy, food coloring, and yeast. I have looked high and low for yummy treats for him to no avail, and then I found your aweseme little website!! I am so pleased by the quick shipping, and little attention to details! My whole family enjoys your candy, thank you so much for what you do, you are making a little boy (and his mom) VERY happy! Blessings!
-Evanne, Oregon

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