Non-GMO Information

What are GMOs?
GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Using a technique called gene-splicing, this biotechnology combines the genes from different species, including plants, animals, bacteria and/or viruses. Most corn and soybeans, among other crops, are now grown from GMO seeds. Since so many food ingredients are derived from corn and soy, the majority of our food supply contains GMOs.

What's wrong with GMOs?
Increased use of agricultural chemicals Most GMOs grown today are designed to resist herbicides like Roundup so more chemicals can be applied without killing the food crop. This increases the chemical load in our environment and food supply.

Super weeds and super bugs With time, weeds can adapt to the higher levels of chemical use, developing a resistance to the original pesticides. These uncontrollable super weeds are such a serious problem that they're putting some farmers out of business.

Uncontrollable contamination You can't stop the wind from blowing. Unfortunately, GMO crops inevitably contaminate their neighbors with cross-pollination. The long term impacts of GMOs are unknown, and once released into the environment these novel organisms cannot be recalled.

Negative health effects Studies show that GMO foods can be toxic. While there aren't any long term human studies, animal studies point to a multitude of scary health effects caused by a GMO diet.

Why Non-GMO Project Verified? Why Organic?
Since GMO labeling is not required by law in the US, the non-profit Non-GMO Project has filled the gap. They're North America's first and only independent verification for products made according to best practices for GMO avoidance, and nowadays you will find their logo on a wide variety of packaged foods.

Looking for the USDA organic logo is another easy way to avoid GMOs. Organic products are inherently non-GMO, in addition to all the other very good reasons to buy Organic!

If you have a sweet tooth but are concerned about GMOs like we are, Natural Candy Store has you covered with lots of non-GMO candy options - check out our Shop by Diet and select one of the Non-GMO filters. You can still get your sweet fix with non-GMO candy you can feel good about and also support the conscientious candy companies trying to make a difference! We hope our non-GMO information provided you with some valuable insight.