Gluten-Free Candy

Many of the candies we carry at Natural Candy Store are gluten-free. Since gluten sensitivities range from complete intolerance to less severe, we have created two gluten-free filters in our Shop by Diet to help you find gluten-free candies you can eat:

Strict Gluten-Free
This filter includes items that either: 1) have a gluten-free claim printed on the packaging, or 2) have been confirmed gluten-free by the manufacturer.

No Gluten Ingredients
This filter covers a wider range of products. It includes Strict Gluten-Free items (as defined above) as well as all other items that do not contain any gluten ingredients. This includes items for which there may be a cross-contamination risk present during production, or for which we have not been able to confirm the potential for cross-contamination.

Items in the "No Gluten Ingredients" filter may not be appropriate for those with severe gluten sensitivity. We created the "No Gluten Ingredients" filter for those of you looking for a gluten-free ingredient list, but not as concerned about the cross-contamination risk.

For more details about a particular product, all available gluten information we have received from the manufacturer (including whether or not there is a gluten-free claim on the package) can be found on the product page below the ingredient list.

Please visit our Shop by Diet and select one of these filters to view only gluten-free chocolate bars, lollipops and more.