Gluten-Free Candy

Many of the candies we carry at Natural Candy Store are gluten-free. Since gluten sensitivities range from complete intolerance to less severe, we have created two gluten-free filters in our Shop by Diet Friendly Candy to help you find gluten-free candies you can eat:

Strict Gluten-Free
This filter includes items that either: 1) have a gluten-free claim printed on the packaging, or 2) have been confirmed gluten-free by the manufacturer.

No Gluten Ingredients
This filter covers a wider range of products. It includes Strict Gluten-Free items (as defined above) as well as all other items that do not contain any gluten ingredients. This includes items for which there may be a cross-contamination risk present during production, or for which we have not been able to confirm the potential for cross-contamination.