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Pink Candy
 Pink Natural Sprinkles * 2.7 OZ
 Natural Sanding Sugar - Pink * 8 OZ
 GoOrganic Hard Candy - Pomegranate
 Organic Swirl Lollipop - Cherry
 Organic Swirl Lollipop - Bubblegum
 Watermelon Heart Lollipop
 Watermelon Butterfly Lollipop
 Pink Bunny with Beans Lollipop
 Cherry Cupcake Lollipop
 Cherry T-Rex Lollipop
 Natural Jordan Almonds - Pink * 2.2 LB
 Superfruit Mix All-Natural Jelly Belly
 Mini Dandies Vegan Marshmallows - Peppermint * 5 OZ
 Bubblegum Glee Gum
 Mixed Berry Glee Gum
 Sugar-Free Glee Gum - Watermelon
 Allergy-Friendly Valentine's Day Chocolate Bar
 Organic Jumbo Candy Canes - Cherry
 Hot Pink Natural Food Color
 Super Pink Natural Food Color
 Fuchsia Natural Food Color
 Fuchsia Shine Natural Food Paint
 Pink Shine Natural Food Paint
 Torie & Howard Hard Candy - Grapefruit & Honey * Tin
 Torie & Howard Hard Candy - Lemon & Raspberry * Tin
 Torie & Howard Hard Candy - Assorted Flavors
 Organic Cherry Heart Lollipop
 Lake Champlain Celebration Heart Organic Chocolates Collection
 Lake Champlain Organic Milk Chocolate Hearts Gift Bag
 Lake Champlain Straight from the Heart Organic Chocolates Gift Box
 Valentine Natural Food Color Set
 Torie & Howard Hard Candy Variety Pack - Tins
 GoOrganic Hard Candy Assorted Fruit
 YumEarth Organic Giggles * 2 OZ
 YumEarth Organic Giggles * 5 OZ
 YumEarth Organic Sour Giggles * 2 OZ
 YumEarth Organic Sour Giggles * 5 OZ
 Surf Sweets Natural Gummy Bears * 6 OZ
 Sunridge Farms Sunny Bears
 Maud Borup Organic Cotton Candy - Magic Dragon * 1 OZ
 Maud Borup Organic Cotton Candy - Unicorn Dream * 1 OZ
 Funny Valentine Natural Decoratifs * 2.3 OZ
 Funny Valentine Natural Decoratifs * 5.2 OZ
 Maud Borup Organic Cotton Candy - Variety Pack
 Sunridge Farms Sunny Worms * 3.3 LB
 Natural Fine Sanding Sugar - Pastel Pink * 3.5 OZ
 Natural Sanding Sugar - Hot Pink * 3.5 OZ
 Natural Sanding Sugar - Pink * 3.5 OZ
 YumEarth Organic Tropical Fruit Snacks - Snack Size
 Glee Gum Variety Pack - Original
 Mini Moo Free Chocolate Bar - Strawberry
 Organic Jumbo Candy Canes - Variety Pack
 SweetOrganics Peppermint Flavored Organic Candy Canes
 Lake Champlain Organic Assorted Chocolate Hearts Gift Bag
 Lake Champlain Grand Heart Organic Chocolates Collection
 YumEarth Organic Favorites Fruit Snacks * 2 OZ
 YumEarth Organic Favorites Fruit Snacks * 5 OZ
 YumEarth Assorted Gummy Bears * 2.5 OZ
 YumEarth Strawberry Smash Organic Lollipops * 3.1 OZ
 YumEarth Sour Organic Lollipops * 3 OZ
 Thompson Solid Milk Chocolate Heart in Foil
 Sunridge Farms Vegan Jolly Beans
 YumEarth Organic Valentine Heart Gummy Fruits - Snack Size
 Liquid Baking Food Color - 906 Carmine Pink
 Liquid Baking Food Color - 907 Beet Pink
 Liquid Icing Food Color - 961 Pink
 Liquid Extract Food Color - 926 Pink
 Allergy-Friendly Individual Valentine Gift Bag
 Gluten-Free Individual Valentine Gift Bag
 Vegan Individual Valentine Gift Bag
 The Valentine Lollipops Pack
 Valentine Natural Baking Decoration Set
 Sjaak's Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Cherry Heart Bites
 Sjaak's Organic Vegan Bear Hug - Dark Chocolate Heart Filled with Gummy Bears
 Eco Eggs Variety Pack - filled with YumEarth Organic Tropical Fruit Snacks
 YumEarth Spring Organic Lollipops * 8.7 OZ
 YumEarth Organic Spring Bunny Gummy Fruits - Snack Size
 The Spring Lollipops Pack
 Natural Large Sanding Sugar - Unicorn Sparkle * 3.5 OZ
 Sjaak's Organic Vegan Egg - Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch
 Sjaak's Organic Vegan Egg - Melk Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch
 Natural Sanding Sugar - Hot Pink * 8 OZ
 YumEarth Chewys Organic Fruit Chews * 5 OZ
 YumEarth Chewys Organic Fruit Chews * 8 OZ
 YumEarth Chewys Organic Fruit Chews * 2 OZ
 Honey Acres Dark Chocolate Raspberry Honey Patties
 Tree Hugger Natural Bubble Gum Filled Pops
 Tree Hugger Natural Classic Bubble Gum - Sugar Free * 1.41 OZ
 Zot Organic Hard Candy Stick - Berries
 Zot Organic Hard Candy Stick - Cherry
 Zot Organic Hard Candy Stick - Pomegranate
 YumEarth Organic Sour Beans - Snack Size
 Surf Sweets Natural Gummy Worms
 Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans * 2.75 OZ
 Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans * 6 OZ
 Zot Organic Hard Candy Variety Pack - Fruit Flavors
 Sweet Organics Peppermint Flavored Organic Mini Candy Canes
 YumEarth Organic Holiday Candy Cane Pops * 8.7 OZ
 Red Vines made simple Blueberry Pomegranate Licorice Twists * 4 OZ
 YumEarth Organic Valentine Lollipops * 8.7 OZ
 Lake Champlain Vegan Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Flowers
 Natural Large Sanding Sugar - Valentine's * 3.5 OZ
 Sjaak's Organic Vegan Cupid's Kisses - Almond Butter in White Chocolate
 Sjaak's Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Sweetheart
 Sjaak's Organic Vegan Melk Chocolate Almond Butter Sweetheart
 Sjaak's Organic Vegan Melt My Heart - Dark Chocolate Melty Truffles
 YumEarth Organic Spring Giggles - Snack Size
 Eco Egg filled with YumEarth Organic Tropical Fruit Snacks - PINK
 Sjaak's Organic Vegan Bunny Bites - Dark Chocolate Cherry
 Allergy-Friendly Dark Chocolate EGGstravaganza Bag
 Moo Free Egg-Citing Surprise Egg - Dairy-Free Organic Chocolate with Moofreesas
 Natural Bunny 'n Beans Bundle
 YumEarth Organic Spring Treats - Variety Pack
 The Spring Animals Lollipops Pack
 You're SWEET! Bundle
 Crazy for Cotton Candy! Package