TRGX-11-EA - Jokerz Candy Bar

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Oct 24, 2009  |  Posted By sarasparkle from portland or,

Best candy bar ever.

awsome candy bar

Jul 28, 2010  |  Posted By geperge from

ive never tasted anything this good


Sep 22, 2010  |  Posted By Lisa from Chicago,

These are the best! You have to try to believe.

Allergic Reaction to These

Dec 9, 2010  |  Posted By Mom of allergic child from

I think this tastes great, but my child who is allergic to milk became violently ill after one bite. So beware if you have a severe milk allergy.

yummy bars

May 28, 2011  |  Posted By dexc from scotland,

these have recently gone on sale in a local veggie/vegan/health food shop & are just YUMMY!... I see a comment here about an allergic reaction to milk content.. which is odd since it's vegan no?


Dec 16, 2011  |  Posted By Michael from

These bars are excellent. I was little reluctant to offer this to my nephew who is allergic to milk protein, as I saw a comment on milk allergy. He asked for a bite and didn't get any adverse effects, though I have no knowledge on severity of his condition. Allergies can be worse in childhood, I am vegan due to allergy for many animal proteins and got no adverse effects on this, when I was young I couldn't consume anything containing even traces of milk protein.


Aug 22, 2012  |  Posted By Zakiyyah from

My husband and I have been Vegan for almost a year. He was seriously missing snickers when we stumbled upon these in our local WFM. These are made with rice milk, so I do not understand the comments about allergies to milk pertaining to these bars. If you used to like Snickers or just like peanuts, caramel, and chocolate. I suggest you give these a try!! --Note from Natural Candy Store: While the Jokerz do not contain any milk ingredients, they are made in a facility that also produces products containing milk. This may not be acceptable for people with severe milk allergies. Please be sure to read all ingredients and allergen information to determine if a product meets your individual needs.

My Favorite, except...

Mar 7, 2018  |  Posted By Jennifer Eide Bibler from Williston, ND United States

I LOVE this candy bar! It is soooo good! If no one was watching, I could probably eat 10 in a row. My ONLY reason for only giving 4 stars is that it contains palm oil. To be fair, I have not looked to see if this is "sustainably" or "responsibly" sourced palm oil, and if it is I will have to change my review to 5 stars.

Tastes good!

Apr 19, 2020  |  Posted By dawn from Ann Arbor, MI United States

This bar tastes great, my daughter is a very picky vegan and she hates most of the vegan copycat bars, but these pass the picky eater test.


Sep 11, 2020  |  Posted By Jennifer from Fontana, CA United States

So glad to have found these. Since going vegan it's been hard to enjoy candy like I used to. Even my non vegan super picky mother loved these.