TRGX-12-EA - Twilight Candy Bar

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Sep 10, 2009  |  Posted By heather from nj,

Just had this candy bar moments ago for the first was so incredible! Had I known how delicious the Twilight candy bar was, I would've bought more than one! I've been vegan since 1994 but a serious candy bar and caramel-fan before's a delight to FINALLY have an amazing (vegan and healthy) candy bar again! Go Max Go nailed it! I look forward to trying the other flavors...well done!

happy halloween

Oct 30, 2009  |  Posted By Dana from

Pretty good! had a bit of a coconut taste to me


Jan 10, 2010  |  Posted By steven Glynn from San Diego,

Nice one, this bar is great. Can't do Dairy and so it's great to have this option. Gotta get more


Mar 29, 2010  |  Posted By Rita from Seattle, WA,

This is my new favorite candy bar! It was the right size and so delicious I actually forgot that it was vegan. I'm just sad that I didn't find this sooner!

Not bad not my favorite

Dec 19, 2011  |  Posted By Veronica from Vancouver,

I was imagining a little better. It's not really like mars. I am vegan and love chocolate but this one was a little boring to chew on. I bought a few but I think I'll buy another kind again. I don't like that they use corn syrup I've noticed it gives me headaches as opposed to just regular sugar.


Nov 6, 2012  |  Posted By April from

I love this candybar!! Have been vegan all my life and glad I found it.


Feb 23, 2013  |  Posted By Jesse from

I absolutely LOVE this candy bar!!! I developed a milk allergy 3 years ago and when someone bought me this candy bar it was the first time I had tasted great chocolate and caramel in years!!!! I can't wait to have another one!!


Aug 17, 2013  |  Posted By Abby from

This is way too delicious. Being vegan, I haven't had a caramel filled chocolate bar in years. Where has this been all my life. It also has a great creamy texture. Usually vegan substitutes and healthier alternatives have a texture or taste that is kind of off- not this one. Good for satisfying the occasional craving.


Dec 3, 2014  |  Posted By Spring Barnickle from Nashville, TN United States

We love these candy bars! Perfect nougat, scrumptious caramel, and a healthy amount of chocolate. They are rich, but I still wind up eating the whole thing anyway. A family favorite.