TRSJ-10-EA - Eli's Earth Bars - Dream Big Bar

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Eli's earth bars

Sep 26, 2011  |  Posted By sandra hazel from maryland,

These are the most delicious and satisfying earth bars I have ever tasted. I am a Celiac and I am always trying to find a good healthy snack that taste good .. this is one of them.

Somewhat like Oh Henry

Dec 20, 2011  |  Posted By Veronica from

These are really good. They taste like a smaller version of Oh Henry, but the nougat and overall bar are much much harder. It's harder to chew and eat, but tastes similar. It's probably because of the rice syrup. I like that there is no corn syrup in these. I will buy them again.


May 12, 2014  |  Posted By M. Tierney from Elizabethtown, PA United States

These are very good that you will prefer them to the less health alternatives!

Amazing and awesome!

Mar 2, 2016  |  Posted By Cyndee from Hurricane, WV United States

This is absolutely hands down the best chocolate bar I have ever had...seriously awesome.

Best candy bar ever!

Oct 19, 2017  |  Posted By Valerie Infante from apple valley, CA United States

THis is by far the best candy bar i ever had and i thought amys was the best, this blows it out of the water taste wise!

The best candy bar I've found in 4yrs veganism

Apr 20, 2019  |  Posted By Pandora Brown from Vacaville, CA United States

Ive been vegan for 4 yrs and this is the best candy bar I've ever found. I would also like to say the rest of the Eli's bars are scrumptious and absolutely are runners up. If you are looking for terrific dairy free candy, look no further friends. You've found it. 12/10 would recommend.

My favorite chocolate bar

May 6, 2020  |  Posted By Judy from Yellville, AR United States

This is my favorite organic "milk" chocolate candy bar. But it really is dairy free! Fair traded and vegan. All I care is the great taste! SJAAK's the best.


Jul 27, 2020  |  Posted By Kahlil Gay from Phoenix, AZ United States

This was so good especially considering the fact there's no toxic ingredients. Will be ordering again.


Sep 30, 2020  |  Posted By Kathleen Fitzpatrick from Everett Washington, WA United States

Chewy, chocolaty, an excellent between meal item, great to get through work or any project.