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Halloween Activities & Recipes

50+ Halloween Crafts for Kids

Candy Corn Bracelet or Necklace - Use YumEarth all-natural organic and gluten-free candy corn to make your candy necklace extra sweet!

Ghost Lollipops - Use Glee Gum Natural Gum Pops to make your ghosts as a safe allergy-friendly and vegan treat to eat.

Halloween Broom Candy Bags How-to - Use YumEarth all-natural organic and gluten-free candy corn to make your candy broom bags.

Fluffy Pumpkin Slime
25 Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids

Halloween Coloring Sheet - Bats
Halloween Coloring Sheet - Ghosts
Halloween Coloring Sheet - House
Halloween Coloring Sheet - Skeleton Garden

Trick-or-Treat Bingo - Grab one (or two) of the Trick-or Treat Mixes to play with a small group of friends and/or family. There are 12 different bingo cards to choose from.

Marshmallow Toss - Use Dandies all-natural vegan and gluten-free marshamallows to play!

Poke-a-Pumpkin - Choose from our wide selection of all-natural Halloween Candy to include as a treat!

20 Ideas for Halloween During COVID

14 Festive & Healthy Halloween Recipes (Kids Will Love)
15 Healthy Halloween Recipes
30 Healthy Halloween Treats, Snacks, and Recipe Ideas the Whole Family Will Love
39 Vegetarian Recipes Perfect for Halloween

Halloween Monster Cookies (Fun & Festive!) - Use India Tree all-natural and dye free sprinkles! Pick your color fromTruColor, all-natural and dye free food colors!

Healthy Halloween Treats - Monster Mouths (paleo, vegan)
Naturally Green Halloween Cupcakes

11 Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating
10 Ways to Trick or Treat with Social Distancing
Trick-or-Treating: 10 Fun Alternatives to Try Instead