Cold Pack

Be sure to buy at least one of these reusable cold packs if you are ordering heat-sensitive sweets such as chocolate or gummies during the summer months. Depending on the time in transit, weather conditions, and the size of your order, you may want to buy more than one cold pack. Cold packs help keep things cool for as long as 3 days, but in very hot weather they can lose their cooling power in as little as 24 hours. Additional Cold packs will help maintain a cooler temperature longer.
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Question about cold packs
Sooooo.. do the ice packs ruin the packaging from the post office? Do I have to wrap the cold pack in a shirt so it doesn't ruin and make the packaging from the post office break open from the cold pack sorta melting or does the cold pack not affect the packaging like that?
Owner Response: Hi Dakota, thank you for the question. When a cold pack is purchased, we include the cold pack(s) with your package at our warehouse. We wrap them in a thick paper to allow for condensation absorption. They last for only a couple of days. We recommend that if you have any questions about your shipping method and our warm weather shipping options to reach out to us directly at: or 800-875-2409. This will ensure we can provide the right recommendations pertaining to where it is being shipped and what is included in your order. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.