Natural Easter Egg Decorating Colors

Natural Easter Egg Decorating Colors
Natural Easter Egg Decorating Colors
Natural Easter Egg Decorating Colors

Natural Easter Egg Decorating Colors

SIZE: 6 jars
**NEW & IMPROVED + LARGER JARS!** This set of 6 natural food color powders (pink, purple, blue, orange, yellow, green) is specially designed for eggs to give you fantastic results!* Just dissolve dry powder in water and let egg soak for a minute to enjoy beautiful results without exposing your family to yucky artificial dyes! This Easter egg dyeing kit includes complete instructions with a fun water coloring activity for after the eggs are decorated.

We've worked closely with the natural color experts to make these colors the best natural egg decorating colors around, adding a beautiful orange, an awesome improved blue, and a great green that sticks much better. The result is six distinct, true colors for a beautiful Easter palette. These are the brightest and prettiest natural food colors for egg decorating you will find anywhere!

*Note: We carry a large assortment of other natural colors. If you are looking for natural food colors outside of decorating eggs, we highly recommended you look at the other product lines from TruColor, which are not designed for decorating eggs. This special Easter egg coloring kit is put together specifically for egg decorating, to make sure the color sticks to the shell and you get the best possible results for Easter!

Click here to print Natural Easter Egg Decorating Colors Kit Instructions.
Ingredients: Organic annatto, carmine, red radish, beet, mulberry leaf, purple sweet potato.

Allergen Information:
Additional information from the manufacturer: Facility does not process any of the eight major allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, egg, soy, fish, or shellfish/crustaceans).

Misc. info:GMO-FREE.
Dry powders last a year or more when sealed and stored in a cool, dark place. In the freezer, they may last longer. Hydrated colors are best used immediately, but may be kept in the refrigerator for a few days or frozen up to 6 months.

Gluten-free info: Contains no gluten ingredients. Produced in a gluten-free facility.

Vegetarian info: This item is vegetarian, not vegan due to the carmine ingredient.

Feingold info: Feingold Accepted - Stage 1

Made in:USA

Read the Ingredients Disclaimer.
Each set contains 6 small jars, for a total of 1.06 oz (30 g) of vegetable powders.
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