Cold Shipping Box

If you are ordering heat-sensitive sweets such as chocolate or gummies during the summer months, this Cold Shipping Box (insulated shipper with cold pack) will help keep them fresh. If you choose Next Day shipping at checkout, you might get away with using ice packs in a regular shipping box. But if temperatures are very high, or you choose a slower shipping method, this insulated shipper is a better bet.
Not currently available.

Product Reviews

Roxy S Rich
I was so happy I spent the extra money when my AWESOME candy arrived in PERFECT SHAPE during some HOT weather! If you love candy like I do DON'T risk a melted pile of yuck! The company packs stuff with LOVE. I adore these folks..... This portion of the purchase is so worth it!
Cold Pack
Arrived in great shape! The ice pack itself had a hole, but the other packaging kept it from being absorbed by any of the products.
Owner Response: Hi GP, We apologize for the hole in the ice pack. However, we are very happy your candy arrived in good condition. We will make of this for future shipments including ice packs. Thank you for your order.