Organic Maple Candy Leaves

Organic Maple Candy Leaves
SIZE: 8 oz
Simply the purest candy you can get! One single ingredient - organic maple syrup - is boiled and stirred just so for a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth fondant texture. They contain no gluten ingredients, are organic, and vegan too! A whole half pound of maple leaves to share with a crowd or for when you just can't get enough.
Ingredients: Organic maple syrup.

Allergen Information:
Additional information from the manufacturer: Made on dedicated equipment. Facility processes other products containing tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs and wheat.

Gluten-free info: Contains no gluten ingredients.

Vegetarian info: Suitable for vegans.

Organic info: Vermont Certified Organic- 100%

Made in: USA
Each 8 oz box contains 20 leaves.
Not currently available.

Product Reviews

Diana Menendez
I love them! They're so delicious. It's a new favorite. They're so flavorful and I love the texture.
PURE Bliss
Catherine Hamel
I've tried to 'enjoy' Organic Maple Sugar candy before but none ever tasted like that I'd have direct from Vermont that wasn't toted as 'organic'. JED's however, is fabulous! Comes out of the box so incredibly FRESH and immediately melts in my mouth with that true flavor of maple sugar candy right off of the Vermont farm. Overjoyed to have FINALLY found a source of organic maple sugar that recalls my childhood treats!
Kenlyn J
These are by far the best maple candies I have ever had. They melt in your mouth and one leaf goes such a long way.
Great Find!
These taste just like....actually better than Starburst's. All of the flavors are on-point and have Real pieces of freeze-dried fruit in them. Gave a few to a friend who doesn't like the artificial taste of the latter candies. She must've not had any expectations because she perked up and said,"mhmm..these are good" Had these for Halloween. Only took off a star for being non-organic but that's a minor complaint and doesn't take away from quality.