Liquid Extract Food Color - 922 Beta Yellow

Liquid Extract Food Color - 922  Beta Yellow
Liquid Extract Food Color - 922  Beta Yellow
Liquid Extract Food Color - 922  Beta Yellow

Liquid Extract Food Color - 922 Beta Yellow

SIZE: 1 oz
SIZE: 1 oz 12-pack
SIZE: 4 oz
SIZE: 4 oz 6-pack
Check out our beautiful line of amazing, cutting-edge Natural Liquid Extract Food Colors! These plant-based colors were specifically designed to be mixed into icing or confectionary†. You will love playing with these!

You'll be amazed at how vibrant the natural colors are in these Natural Food Colors. These gorgeous natural food colors are made from fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots and minerals. They are derived from nature and are truly unprecedented in hue and brilliance. Made by TruColor™, these food colors are always 100% natural, made with absolutely NO synthetic dyes and NO artificial preservatives. Plus, they're Top 9 Allergens Free and certified kosher§. Natural food color has never been so beautiful, inside and out!

•Add to icing orconfectionary to create color.
•Store unused color in a dark cool area away from heat and direct light. (Refridgeration works great!)

†When adding a natural color "into" icing or water-based candy, you may have to consider all of the other ingredients in your mixture and whether or not an acid is present or not. (See Misc. section under Ingredients tab for more information.)

§All TruColor products are RCC Kosher Certified, except the Egg Decorating Colors and 4 Liquid Food Colors (Carmine Red, Carmine Purple, Carmine Violet, Carmine Pink).

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Economical bulk sizes available. Please contact us at or 1-800-875-2409 with any inquiries.
Important Easter Eggs Note: These colors do not work well for dyeing eggs. Some may provide color, but most won't stick. Please get our exclusive Natural Easter Egg Decorating Colors instead. It's specially designed for eggs to give you fantastic results!
Ingredients: Beta carotene (color), cultured corn glucose, water.

Allergen Information:
Additional information from the manufacturer: Facility does not process any of the 9 major allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, egg, soy, fish, shellfish/crustaceans, or sesame). Annatto and corn ingredients are processed on shared equipment.

Misc. info:
•The acid content or "pH" level may change the color of your icing. Yellow will become brighter and dark brown will become darker by simply adding a squirt of Lemon Juice. These options and variations allow the decorator to create a variety of easily attainable shades with simple natural household items including baking soda and or lemon juice.

•Colors last a year or more when sealed and stored in a cool, dark place. In the freezer, they may last longer.

•May also contain ascorbic acid, citric acid, and/or sodium bicarbonate* to control pH and organic tapioca maltodextrin as a natural processing aid. *Baking Soda - derived from non-GMO cane and/or beet (NOT corn).
•Trace amounts of corn may be present. Manufacturing and packaging facilities contain corn and corn-derived ingredients. Product may be processed on shared equipment with items that contain corn or corn-derived ingredients.

Gluten-free info: Manufacturer states: Gluten-Free. Produced in a gluten-free facility.

Vegetarian info: Vegan: Contains absolutely no animal ingredients.

Kosher certification: RCC Kosher Certified by the Rabbinical Council of California (RCC).

Made in:USA

Read the Ingredients Disclaimer.
Each container is 1 oz. Each 12-pack contains 12 - 1 oz bottles.
Each container is 4 oz. Each 6-pack contains 6 - 4 oz bottles.
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